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Comme un trio

From Françoise Sagan’s Bonjour Tristesse © éditions Julliard

With Comme un trio, Jean-Claude Gallotta gets back to the pas de trois, following his previous piece L’Étranger inspired by Camus. From one beach to another, under the scortching sun of L’Étranger, Bonjour Tristesse answers back with a sun in love with desirable bodies and gilded in the sand that borders the tacky villas. As the writer, the choreographer went fishing the small crabs crossing the human soul, he saw there cruelty, bursts of perversion, existential doubts. This beach is far from the sentimental and romantic ones.
Françoise Sagan, too quickly labeled as the ambassador of a wealthy, individualistic and carefree youth, was a woman open to the world, invested, supporting the French society’s emancipatory movements. It is this contradictory Sagan, light-hearted and passionate, indifferent to the world and attentive to its ups and downs, that Jean-Claude Gallotta wants to approach on the stage.

Choreography Jean-Claude Gallotta
Choreography assistant Mathilde Altaraz
Dramaturgy Claude-Henri Buffard
Music Strigall
Costume design Marion Mercier assisted by Jacques Schiotto Set design Jeanne Dard
Lightning Benjamin Croizy assisted by Dominique Zape
With Georgia Ives, Thierry Verger, Béatrice Warrand