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In half a century, rock and contemporary dance have never crossed paths or influenced one another. Each has travelled its own road and done its own thing, one down near Memphis, the other in New-York. We never saw the names of Elvis Presley and Merce Cunningham together on the posters and the billboards for American performances. Despite this, rock and contemporary dance began life thanks to those two artists in the same country and at the same time: the United States in the early 1950s. We can even precisely pin down the moment they came into being: the year 1953, which saw both the advent of the first rock tracks including the legendary My Happiness by Elvis Presley and the founding of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

Born at the same time as them, Jean-Claude Gallotta has been heavily inspired by both. "Rock" he explains, "was part of my teenage daydreams and perhaps by allowing me to meet other lost souls it enabled me to escape my existential anguish".

My Rock comprises around 15 short sequences danced to legendary rock tracks, each placed in their respective periods in history, from Elvis Presley to Patti Smith, from Leonard Cohen to the Rolling Stones, and from Bob Dylan to the Velvet Underground...

Here, the choreographer achieves a physical and sexual unity between rock and contemporary dance, bringing them together to weave visual poems full of anger, with smouldering and passionate undertones. Dance and music bound more than ever through life and death.

choreography Jean-Claude Gallotta / choreography assistant Mathilde Altaraz / texts Claude-Henri Buffard and Jean-Claude Gallotta / costumes Marion Mercier assisted by Anne Jonathan and Jacques Schiotto / video Pierre Escande from Benjamin Houal / additional music Strigall / distribution (the show is proposed in two versions : 11 dancers) Agnès Canova, Paul Gouëllo, Ibrahim Guétissi, Georgia Ives, Bernardita Moya Alcalde, Fuxi Li, Lilou Niang, Jérémy Silvetti, Gaetano Vaccaro, Thierry Verger, Béatrice Warrand and Jean-Claude Gallotta / production Groupe Émile Dubois / Compagnie Jean-Claude Gallotta / co-production Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble / with the support of MC2 : Grenoble

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