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L’Homme à tête de chou - 2019

« Ten years ago, Alain Bashung was supposed to stand on stage with his musicians, side by side with my dancers for the choreographic creation of l’Homme à tête de chou from the Serge Gainsbourg’s album. If Alain Bashung’s sickness restrained his presence to rehearsals, it allowed him to have enought time to record the album. Until the end, he wanted to finish the project. [...]
Obviously, today, the piece is not exactly the same neither a different one. So, what is it ? A whole new piece, full of life and vibration (from dancers, who have changed since the creation) which will give its personnality. [...]
Naturally, new desires will appear during reherseals, new aspirations for lightning design, costumes, ideas, set design ; we interrogate the piece about all those elements, and it will answer us back.
Today, I am aware of what Serge Gainsbourg and Alain Bashung are still communicating to us in 2019, those « iconoclast icons » whitout whom, as we notice everyday, it is difficult to live. »
Jean-Claude Gallotta

Choreography Jean-Claude Gallotta
Words and original music Serge Gainsbourg
In a version recorded for this show by Alain Bashung
Orchestration, additional musics and corealization Denis Clavaizolle
Choreography assistant Mathilde Altaraz
Dramaturgy Claude-Henri Buffard
Sound mixing and corealization Jean Lamoot
Costumes Jacques Schiotto and Marion Mercier assisted by Anne Jonathan
Lights Dominique Zappe assisted by Benjamin Croizy
with Axelle André, Agnès Canova, Paul Upali Gouëllo, Ibrahim Guétissi, Georgia Ives, Bernardita Moya Alcalde, Fuxi Li, Lilou Niang, Jérémy Silvetti, Gaetano Vaccaro, Thierry Verger, Béatrice Warrand
(*) musicians Denis Clavaizolle (keyboards, organs, pianos, programs, electric guitars, basses, violas), Frédérique Havet (acoustic guitar), Pierre-Valérie Lobé and Mamadou Koné dit Prince (drums), Erik Truffaz (trumpets), Aurélie Chenille (violins), Guillaume Bongiraud (cellos), Morgane Imbeaud (choirs), Yann Clavaizolle (drums)
thanks Chloé Mons, Yves Queyrol, Gérard Michel courtesy of Melody Nelson Publishing and Barclay, a Universal label
production Groupe Émile Dubois / Cie Jean-Claude Gallotta
Restage in april 2019 (created in 2009) - Duration 75min
coproduction Le Printemps de Bourges – Crédit Mutuel, Maison de la Culture de Bourges / Scène Nationale, Théâtre du Rond-Point, CPM – Jean-Marc Ghanassia
with the support of La MC2 : Grenoble
Photo credits Guy Delahaye